October 7, 2009

Paula and Brad. Wedding.

Crazy story. Paula and Brad's photographer got summoned for jury duty, and I received an unexpected email asking if I could fill in. I am so happy I was free that day! It was pretty last minute, during a really busy time of year, so it really was a blessing to be available. I had a great time. I think I was the only one besides the groom's mom who couldn't speak Portuguese, but it all added to the fun!
















CK Morgan said...

i LOVE the last two. A shot through the doors was genious! I wish Clark and I got married again so you could do our wedding!

Ana Paula said...

I love your pictures,I love your job!!!Thank you so much for taking the shots in Brad's and mine special day! ;)

Alex Valente said...

I love the pics too, Mary Anne really rocks! By the way I love my engagement pics that you took too